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New Year starts tarpaulin factory inductive _ industry dynamics

by:LINYANG     2020-03-29
New Year starts tarpaulin factory inductive is a nation of China, after New Year started, for example, all want to put a whip to celebrate, don't believe, but come to think of it, is to have cultured. Is in commonly after the Spring Festival, the enterprise working again on the day of all employees and affiliated to business owners happy New Year, business owners to employees and subordinates to send a red envelope, usually in the lucky number of money, such as the eight words, symbols or end with dual auspicious rich number of notes, and to make everyone with joy, style signifies the commencement of business, bonhomie, the business is thriving, and each construction is enclosed a gift card, printed on encouragement words, in order to motivate employees. I go to work this year after his own practice, friends to celebrate in the factory, who is about feelings, you celebrate with me, I will give you help, half a year down, as mentioned above, so any time thinking about helping others, help others that their work is basically a success! Liqun tarpaulin factory is my friend, because in the second half the town industrial park, the land is cheap, so a large factory, tent factory workshop, of course, also cannot little, because it is a New Year has just opened, in cleaning of the plant or a cleaner, feeling giving a person more formal. Zhao Zong told me, because we are the Spring Festival, and foreign people, however, so during the Spring Festival, received orders for a lot of foreign friends, opened the day this year, the time is tight, so first appease good employees, can let the staff to work for the enterprise, make money together. Speaking of which, it suddenly occurred to me that a friend told me the way of life: to be the first to suffer, who is blessed, didn't understand is what meaning, and now he has developed a lot of enterprise, many people have for his dedication to his work. Whether Chinese or foreign, are all about feelings, so as the tarpaulin Zhao Zong, because of willing to help others, that his career in the future will be more and more big. http://www。 linyangpvc。 Com/tent, tent factory, factory
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