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New membrane sensing materials can instantly take fingerprints

by:LINYANG     2020-01-24


A clear fingerprint visible to the naked eye can be extracted in just 5 seconds by gently pressing a finger on a special film, this special membrane is a new type of sensing material pioneered by Professor Chen Su of Nanjing University of Technology. Recently published famous chemical publications in the United States and Europe have reported this achievement.

for those left on stainless steel, marble, Shi Ying and even wood'Potential' Fingerprints, using this special film, can also be clearly visible in the sun in just 30 seconds. What is even more amazing is that using this special film, without ink, you only need to add some ordinary water containing trace amounts of catalyst to print colorful color pictures on the printer.

According to Professor Chen Su, the membrane is a polymer nanofiber membrane prepared by thermoplastic polyurethane and fluorescent dyes, it can be widely used in medical diagnosis, criminal detection, identity identification, anti-counterfeiting, environmental detection, disease detection and other fields.

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