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New breakthrough in European film regeneration project

by:LINYANG     2020-01-22

recently, the European film regeneration project has brought new breakthroughs to the agricultural field.

by the British packaging and Film Association (PAFA) The project, in which other institutions participated in the cooperation, recently completed a research and development plan. The plan tested a prototype of a new cleaning equipment and the results showed that the pollutants could be reduced by 65%, it can be applied to farms or recycling centers without further cleaning. The results of the project make people excited.

Barry Turner, chief executive of PAFA, said :'The results of this study come at the right time. We will soon start a project in the UK with participants including agricultural film manufacturers who wish to try to improve the recovery rate of their products.

He said :' Agricultural film is an indispensable and important auxiliary tool in modern agriculture, but we must solve the problem of its recovery and regeneration and give polyethylene film a second life. '

This project has found a way to use the latest technology in the field of regeneration to make the removal rate of pollutants reach the highest level in history, at the same time, it helps relevant parties across Europe to share and promote best practices.

In addition, the project has also developed a new logistics software, which can be used to optimize the effective recycling of used films by recycling agencies.

Turner said that the focus of the next stage will be how to use this technology. This includes selecting qualified partners who have the ability to further advance the project, so that we can ensure that this breakthrough innovation is fully utilized commercially.

He added that the project and other similar projects will play an important role in ensuring the most effective use of agricultural films, at present, agricultural films play an increasingly important role in improving future grain output.

The main application fields of the new technology include protecting crops, vegetables and seedless small fruits through greenhouses and crop covers, all these methods help to provide more food for the growing global population.

The latest survey shows that there are still'Quite more' Farmers send used agricultural films to landfills for treatment rather than to existing recycling sites for recycling.

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