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National policy support to promote green aluminum coating

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Developing 'green aluminum protective film' is a systematic project, need protective film manufacturer's support and the joint efforts in many aspects. Need both of these policy support, also need the response of the protective film market, more need to meet the requirements of environmental protection equipment equipment safeguard, be short of one cannot. Among these, the first is need the support of protective film policy level. In 2010, the general administration of press and publication in all-round 'before green aluminum protective film', in the protective film policy, 'green aluminum protective film' management of the main reference for just this kind of 'environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China' national macro laws and regulations about environmental protection. The laws and regulations, on the whole, still belongs to the thick line, does not really reflect the aluminum coating industry. Aluminum electrostatic protective film, enterprises should implement the strategy of green aluminum industrial protective film, can't can depend on, without reference to follow, dongguan protective film enterprise can and foreign certification body contact, use overseas related standards. And obtain the relevant certification aluminum coating enterprise, also does not have the corresponding incentive measures. Under this premise, the development of 'green aluminum coating', is more of the spontaneous behavior of the enterprise, with the consciousness and the social sense of responsibility, aluminum coating aluminum enterprises to develop green protective film extrinsic motivation is obvious. If you want all aluminum protective film companies to adopt environmental protection aluminum coating technology, obviously is very difficult. In 2011, that had the very big change. First of all, the first domestic environmental protection industrial aluminum industrial protective film standard come on stage, as the domestic aluminum protective film aluminum enterprises to implement green protective film provides a reference to, let the green aluminum coating that according to the can depend on. Aluminum while the first environmental protection standards in the industry remains controversial, there may be a variety of shortcomings, but after all, China's green aluminum protective film from there to the according to the can depend on, this is a qualitative leap. At the same time, the general administration of press and publication in primary and middle school teaching material of aluminum coating of procurement, the government bidding, etc. , active use of administrative resources to promote the implementation of the green aluminum coating, for aluminum coating companies in social responsibility at the same time, also get the support material. Industrial protective policy and support for green aluminum protective film, greatly promote the dongguan aluminum electrostatic protective film the enthusiasm of enterprises to implement green aluminum coating.
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