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My mobile phone stick protective film society for 30 seconds

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
For mobile phone protective film say simple is simple, as long as the film poster, don't just leave bubbles, also said that difficult difficult, if carelessly left dust and air bubble inside, the serious influence to the beautiful mobile phone. And we are willing to stick protective film mentality is the same, especially with the iphone's friend, the first thing to do is stick protective film, buy a case for it. To buy mobile phones sticker on street corners, to consumers' hands and yuan less, more postiche, but the cost is very low, if let you feel the difference is too big, too much profit? Have you ever thought oneself bought a protective film lamination then? Abundant oneself start work, let's begin to beloved phone stick protective film! The first to use the sticker with clean cloth ( Have eyes cloth or special screen wipe cloth is better) Clean up the dust on the screen and so on dirt, oil, remember to also want to in a dust under the environment of the paster as less as possible. Then car card when stick protective film slowly squeeze there may be a little bubble, a good way to teach everybody here, put the stick protective film with clean cloth on the card again in extrusion lamination bubbles on the screen when it is best, the use of the flexibility of the cloth to good to increase the contact area larger bubbles, and so also will not harm the protective film on the phone. Wipe the best reoccupy after screen wide screen under the transparent tape, guarantee of dust is less as far as possible. For mobile phones stick protective film's largest engineering is to ensure that don't touch the dirt on, otherwise, the protective film and the phone's screen or traces of the bubble will likely follow. Stick a screen of dust after the protective film marked with blue side of the '1', carefully aligned position gently put the film on the phone's screen, don't pressure. For two best anchor point, one is the top right-hand corner of the vertical and horizontal the lower right corner to locate and determine the position of the good films from the Angle of the side after the pressure after the card from the side to the other side side. Tear off marked as '2' pink protective film can see our new film! Excited, than the original dirty, it looks much more full of scratches. You're done, we have finished the stick protective film. In the same way, we can put this method into the device and other mobile phone, as long as using the same method is done can be perfect for the mobile stick protective film, the process of oneself to start work at once!
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