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Multilayer co-extruded composite films occupy half of the domestic market with price advantages

by:LINYANG     2020-01-30
March 23-

because a single plastic film is difficult to meet the needs of flexible packaging, multilayer composite films are more common in actual use. However, the quality of the composite film is unstable, the hygiene of the adhesive is poor, and the cost is high. Therefore, it is gradually replaced by the multi-layer co-extrusion film. Due to low cost and good quality, multilayer co-extruded composite films account for half of the domestic market.

The multi-layer coextrusion composite process uses multiple extruders to extrude through a special head in a molten state of material to form a new type of functional film. The multi-layer and multi-functional composite film can be made by only one processing procedure, thus avoiding multi-channel composite production procedure, reducing production energy consumption and material cost, without pollution in the production process, and no solvent residue in the finished product, compared with other composite processes, the production cost can be saved by about 30%.

at the same time, the technical level of domestic multi-layer coextrusion blown film units has been continuously improved, although key components such as die heads need to be imported from abroad, however, the three-layer and five-layer production lines can basically meet the domestic needs, and there are innovative designs on some models.

This kind of film can be configured with different components according to the requirements of users to meet different barrier requirements and cost requirements. The multi-layer coextruded film has excellent barrier property and high transparency, and can intuitively display the shape and quality of the package. At present, the use of Coextruded films in developed countries has accounted for about 40% of the total packaging film.

before 1990s, rotary handpieces were used to produce two to three layers of Coextruded films. However, with the development of China's economy, people's living standards have been continuously improved, the requirements for food hygiene and preservation are also getting higher and higher, and the three-layer packaging film gradually gives way to five or even seven layers of film. The development of domestic multilayer composite film blowing equipment is constantly catalyzing this process. At present, there have been a number of equipment manufacturers represented by Shantou Jinming Plastic Equipment Co. , Ltd. and Dalian liaonan Donghua Plastic Machinery Co. , Ltd. They have been able to produce three, five, seven or even nine layers of coextruded film production equipment.

Although domestic equipment is inferior to imported equipment in product accuracy and reliability, its price advantage is incomparable to imported production lines. It is precisely because of its excellent cost performance that domestic multilayer composite film equipment accounts for half of the domestic market and greatly promotes the development and upgrading of China's multilayer coextrusion composite film products.

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