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Modern production workshop product diversification _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-04-02
Modern production workshop product diversification tarpaulins raw material is PE polyethylene, polyethylene by thermoplastic processing machine processing as wire line, pull strips and then through a large number of equipment to be wire cloth, and then through the coating to become tarpaulin. I took a tarpaulin production workshop today a few pictures with all of you enjoy. Waterproof tarpaulins USES mainly or dust, of course, also have the effect of prevent falling objects; For example: big truck tarpaulins, if it's raining, in order to waterproof and waterproof performance can reach 100%; Besides, of course, have the effect of dustproof, the key is protected by tarpaulin, will not slide down. And waste residue of trucks, if not covered with tarpaulin, a car, is full of garbage, so good for health also need to cover with tarpaulins, this is called car tarpaulins, is relatively common. http://www。 linyangpvc。 http://www com/tarpaulin hotline: 13869919193/13754728822. linyangpvc。 Com/tarpaulin hotline: 13869919193/13754728822 HTTP: / / WWW. linyangpvc。 Com/tarpaulin hotline: 13869919193/13754728822
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