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Mobile phone sticker order instructions

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Lam Yang technology can provide advantages for the majority of mobile phone users and suppliers of mobile phone film products, applicable to mobile phone such as iphone, nokia, samsung, HTC, a sichuan provide kinds of mobile phone sticker have specular film, grind arenaceous film, mirror film variety such as customer to choose. Product features: 1: the three layers of electrostatic sticker, 2: effectively prevent LCD screen scratches and wear, 3: antistatic surface, not easy to gather dust contamination; 4: the use of advanced coating technology, direct touch is not easy to leave fingerprints; 5: there is a special reflection, glare, eliminate the reflected light to the outside environment, 98% strong glare. Can use repeatedly washing and: 1: use fiber cloth to the fingerprint on the LCD screen, dust, oil spots and dirt try to; 2: put the protective film on top of the LCD screen, make sure to post direction; 3: use on the protective film on the removable sticker, tag number for the first 1 from type membrane torn off; 4: stick protective film lightly on the screen. Wholesale order 1, normal minimum quantity description: phone protective film and normal order models a single material 500 minimum, protective film of single computer class models a single material 200 minimum! 2, mixed batch of explanation: phone protective film models can be a single phone 300 minimum, computer class protective film models can be a single phone 100 minimum, but the quantity need to more than 3 models or a single model is more than 3 kinds of different material!
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