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Mobile phone screen explosion-proof membrane glass explosion-proof membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Mobile explosion-proof membrane, is a kind of on the capacitance screen glass ( Or below) Labeled with a PC plastic. Can effectively prevent the break and throw pieces of mobile phone accidentally hit the glass panel to reduce the glass panel of the implicit damage, to ensure the safety of users; Still can maintain aggrandizement glass peculiar burnish, simple sense and improve the surface hardness. Structure with five layers: Protective Film Eva Protective Film hardening layer ( 硬盖层) 5 um transparent polyester film ( 宠物电影) 75 25 um um rubber mold membrane ( 上映的电影) 50 um in ensuring high transparency at the same time with many thickness optional surface hardness and wear resistance. Material properties: light transmittance over 91%, the surface hardness: more than 2 h. As the capacitance screen market developing at present, the security performance of the capacitive touch glass is more and more by the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions that are important to. South Korean mobile phone explosion-proof membrane become a kind of new technology, used in capacitive screen can prevent glass due to external impact debris flying. To reach the European Union and Japan to the strict requirement of the ROHS. Yang technology co. , LTD. Is a new, optical material specialized in touch screen, the screen personal protection product design, production and sales. Product line covers, each big brand, mobile phones, computers, monitors, GPS, apple, samsung, nokia, and other brands high scratch-resistant coating, scratch-resistant diamond film, grind arenaceous fingerprint proof membrane, membrane mirror, prevent the series of products, such as * * membrane
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