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Mobile phone protective film price is protean

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Often buy mobile phone film consumers may find it to brand shop to buy the price of mobile phone protective film and roadside stick protective film is quite different, and received the price of the side of the road to stick protective film on the net price have many gap, why the price of mobile phone protective film difference so big? First we see online selling prices of protective film, if it is a brand of mobile phone sticker price around $20, but see some wholesale mobile phone protective film, the price as low as 1 - In alibaba wholesale mall, 3 yuan, if you buy large, less than a dollar a price. Prices on the Internet, differences can at more than 20 times in the entity shop cell phone protective film? To the phone store to buy mobile phones sticker, the businessman, all in the name of the original can sell 30 yuan a piece, a mobile phone sticker and on the side of the road, we asked the price of a film, a 10 yuan, is almost the same and free to help buyers with a mobile phone. The price difference shall be investigated for mobile phone protective film, the price is too low sticker are generally not plastic film, belong to the consumable, use period in a month or so commonly, mostly are used to prevent the screen scratched to but are colorful dazzle light can affect the eyes. Generally better brand will not use the cheap material, better brand using imported raw materials not only have to prevent the screen scratches, prevent hand lines, pervious to light if no, feel is more smooth touch, you can also use special stickers reused after cleaning or washing. Price of different protective film and protective film performance or related, more affordable prices higher protective film, but mobile phone users in coating of choose and buy when, still want to choose according to their usage.
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