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Mobile phone protective film lamination steps

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
1. Clean the screen use clean cloth to wipe the screen, will be thoroughly clean the phone's screen. Wipe the screen best without wind indoors, clean environment, to reduce the effect of dust on the paster. Use dust remove stubborn dirt, in the use of clean cloth after cleaning, if the screen still stubborn dirt, it is important that do not wipe with wet cloth to wipe. 2. Will tear from type membrane part 1 to observe the protective film on the label, will be marked '1' mold part of tear film and pay attention to avoid the fingers touch the adsorption layer of protective film. Each protective film products are divided into three layers, including no. 1 and no. 2 film are from type membrane. Lamination process, it is best not to put a tear from type membrane, 1 should stick while tear. 3. Protective film paste to the mobile phone screen protective film of the adsorbed layer on the screen edge, make sure the position alignment, and then carefully labeled. Paste while apart from type 1 film, if the lamination process have bubbles, can pull the film back, again affix. Confirm the sticker position exactly right, then completely ripped from type 1 film. After the whole piece of protective film on the screen, if found that there are air bubbles, scratch CARDS available screen, the air discharge. 4. 2 from type membrane completely torn, observe whether the phone's screen has a bubble. 5. Use clean cloth to wipe the screen, use scratch CARDS for bubble. The entire film process is complete
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