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Mobile phone film market

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Apple iphone 4 from listed until now, continuously sought after, be referred to as the 'four' love crazy. 'Love crazy four' conflict, also bolstered the provincial mobile film market. Reporter yesterday visited provincial capital found that mobile phone screen saver film market, mobile phone sticker price is a little mess, selling price from $5 to hundreds of yuan, 'love crazy four' mobile phone film is spread over ten times. Industry insiders, the provincial capital sticker quality time not neat, not all the phone's screen is suitable the paster. Apple sticker price therefore reporter yesterday visited provincial capital market found, stalls, mobile phone stores and brand stores, mobile phones are therefore sticker price. Street with stores in the films, the highest price for more than ten times. 'Iphone 4 mobile phone there are two special membrane, hd transparent and hd grind arenaceous, priced at $12 and $15 respectively. 'Provincial capital three mile anno pedestrian bridge a vendor informed reporters. Reporters found that in more than one mobile phone sticker stand 'love crazy four' special film most of them are in 10 yuan - 30 yuan between. In the provincial capital, a large home appliance stores, the reporter noticed that 'love crazy four' mobile phone special membrane in 30 yuan - price Between 50 yuan. 'Use the PET material, there are 38 yuan and 48 yuan two kinds. 'The phone stores marketing researchers said. Store for apple products and the provincial capital, the reporter found that 'love crazy four' mobile phone special transparent 'hd' and 'hd frosted sticker to sell 118 yuan and 198 yuan respectively. 'This is the best iphone 4 mobile phone special membrane, there are some difference, but also is in 100 yuan of above. 'The store staff informed reporters. Post just individual be fond of so many people don't give mobile phone film, the film exactly what profit is there? Provincial capital as a mobile phone after-sales service department people informed reporters, Mr Zhang actually phone no sticker just personal preference. 'Mobile phone sticker not everyone imagined magic, the quality of each have differences, differ in thousands ways. Now hefei temperatures, and some inferior glue sticker attached, in high temperature melting, get hurt on the phone. '' put one film is a high-end mobile phone insurance, if be cheap phone, often in the paster must also not cost-effective, not necessary. 'Mr Zhang thought,' in fact, only my pity, mobile phone not sticker also can, screen quality on the market is getting better and better, especially smartphones, general is not easy to be damaged. ”
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