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Mobile phone explosion proof good?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-25


recently, many mobile phone explosions in many places in China have raised people's concerns about mobile phone safety. So, a kind of called'Mobile phone explosion-proof' The goods were quickly sold, and the price was around 200 yuan. So, is the mobile phone explosion-proof membrane good? Follow Xiao Bian to learn about it.

Is the mobile phone explosion-proof membrane good?

experts pointed out that this kind of'Explosion-proof' It can only prevent the debris of the mobile phone screen from splashing, which has nothing to do with explosion prevention. According to its introduction, the mobile phone explosion-proof membrane is generally 0. 2-0. The 4mm tempered glass film can protect the screen compared to the ordinary PET material mobile phone film.

Therefore, the so-called explosion-proof is just an act of exaggerating the propaganda.

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