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Mobile phone anti-explosion film is favored by foreign friends

by:LINYANG     2020-01-26

Global Plastics News:

mobile phone explosion-proof film is the explosion-proof film on the surface of the mobile phone. The choice of mobile phone anti-explosion film must take into account its light transmission, wear resistance and air permeability (Electrostatic adsorption force) Problems, so as not to appear bubbles, watermarks, etc. in the screen when fitting. In short, as long as you operate properly when the explosion-proof membrane is attached, even non-professionals can post a beautiful film effect.

Mobile phone anti-explosion film is favored by foreign friends

compared with ordinary PET and PE, mobile phone anti-explosion film has unique advantages in anti-impact, anti-scratch, anti-wear and other aspects, therefore, it is also favored by foreign friends. In recent years, smart touch-screen mobile phones have swept the streets and lanes, and this boom has also driven the development of China's mobile phone film industry. Liu Suying from the United States said:' Very interesting, in the United States, you can buy a film, but no one posted it for you! '

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