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Methods to improve the performance of tarpaulins

by:LINYANG     2022-09-27
Tarpaulin manufacturers should continuously improve the production process in order to improve the performance of tarpaulins and meet the high quality requirements of customers for tarpaulins. To improve the product performance of the tarpaulin, the direct way is to improve the production process, which is very important to improve the product performance of the tarpaulin. The paint wax waterproof treatment method can also be used. After this waterproof treatment, the waterproof effect is good and the service life is long. It is one of the methods that are widely used at present. Another method is to use aluminum soap waterproofing method for the tarpaulin, which is a traditional waterproofing method with waterproof effect, but it is not durable. It can also be treated with quaternary ammonium waterproofing agent, which has better waterproofing effect. it is good. In addition, the silicone water repellent treatment method is adopted, which has good waterproof effect, good hand feeling, long service life, good air permeability and good climate adaptability. It is a relatively advanced treatment method at present. Tarpaulin is mainly used for a large-area fire-proof covering fabric, so its main performance is naturally on fire-proof, and its material is mainly made of fire-proof and non-combustible fibers, so after passing through related special processes, it can play a role in fire prevention. Performance is also very good. For this product, in addition to excellent fire performance, its sealing and anti-corrosion properties are excellent, and it is very convenient in the process of application.
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