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Methods and precautions for welding agricultural greenhouse film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-18

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fire soldering iron, electric soldering iron and electric iron are commonly used in greenhouses for heating and welding. Of which 300- The 500W electric iron is easy and effective to weld and has been widely used in farmland applications. Let's talk about the welding process of agricultural greenhouse film.

The welding method of the film of the electric iron is as follows:

prepare a wooden strip as a sticky interface, and the wooden strip should be straight and 2-long- 3 m, thickness 8-10mm, width 3-4 cm. Before welding, place the wooden strip on a bench or on two square stools to make the width 3 ~ One side of 4cm is upward as the welding port of the film; At the same time, the two films to be welded are placed on the ground on both sides of the same end of the wood strip for use. When welding, 3- Four people operate at the same time, two of them are at the two ends of the wood, and one side of the two films is overlapped on the welding mouth of the wood, such as the welding seam is long, another person is also required to assist in the middle of the Batten to make the film overlap consistent with the welded seam. After the film on the welding port is placed, the above-mentioned operator is still responsible for covering the overlapping film with a width of 6- 8cm long, about lm Kraft paper or old newspaper. After the paper is covered, the 4th (Or 3rd) The operator puts the heated electric iron on the double-layer film covered with newspaper, presses it down slightly, and slowly moves from one end of the wood to the other, so that the two layers of film under the paper are heated and melted, and welded together under a certain pressure. After the welding place is slightly cold, remove the covered paper, pull the welded film to the other end of the wood strip, and then repeat the above operation until all the films are welded.

precautions are as follows:

① to correctly grasp the welding temperature, the welding temperature of polyethylene film is 0℃, the welding temperature of PVC film is 130 ℃. If the temperature is adjusted, it can be adjusted to'Wool'File; Using ordinary iron, when the temperature is too high, the current should be cut off to avoid affecting the welding quality

② in order to increase the fastness of the welding mouth, an iron screen window can also be nailed on one side of the welded seam on the wood strip, so that the seam is not easy to tear after being stressed.

③ the bonding part of the welded film should be kept clean. When bonding the old film, besides wiping off the dust from the welded part, the temperature of the electric iron should also be increased. When newspaper is used to insulate and bond the old film, it is advisable to bond the newspaper and the film together as a good mark for welding, otherwise the fastness of the welded seam is poor.

④ polyethylene film and polyvinyl chloride film cannot be welded together by electric iron heating due to the different properties of the materials used. Therefore, when welding with the above method, it must be two films of the same kind. 2nd section pipe of connection and laying

pipe of connection methods, with a bonding, thread connection solder and flange connection and. Bonding is to evenly coat the adhesive on the outer wall of the pipe and the inner wall of the sleeve to achieve a certain bonding strength. Threaded connection is to connect the pipeline with a Union Joint similar to metal. The welding is relatively firm, but it cannot be disassembled. Flange connection is often used in the connection between hard pipe and metal pipe.

In fact, in the installation pipeline, the above methods are often used to connect at the same time.

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