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Medical film packaging accounts for 28% of the industry's total

by:LINYANG     2020-02-04


Medical Plastic packaging films are widely used, not only for tablets, powders, granular drug packaging, it can also be used for lining of paste, liquid and drug carton packaging and packaging of medical devices, etc. Common films include shrink films, winding films, multilayer composite films, etc. In pharmaceutical packaging, glass bottles and plastic bottles used in the past are gradually replaced by plastic films, especially medical liquid plastic flexible packages such as infusion bags and plasma bags.

The research report made by Freedonia, an American industrial products market consulting company, shows that 1997 ~ In 2007, the average annual growth rate of global pharmaceutical packaging demand reached 4. 5%. In 3%, it will reach 6. 8 billion US dollars by 2008. Due to the recent adoption of unit dose packaging regulations, bubble cover packaging is expected to exceed the average growth value. According to a study on the European drug packaging market released by the UK market intelligence organization, the total annual sales in the European packaging market are 32. 5%. Of the US $4. 6 billion, medical packaging films and bags accounted for 28%.

According to the report of Freedonia, in terms of the whole packaging market, food packaging accounts for 40% of the demand, beverage packaging accounts for 18%, and health packaging accounts for 4%, beauty packaging accounts for 4%, household goods packaging accounts for 2%, and other packaging accounts for 32%. At the same time, the company pointed out that the growth rate of health care packaging products has always been relatively high, reaching 5%.

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