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Matters needing attention in the splicing of tarpaulin-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-26
Matters needing attention in the splicing process of tarpaulin now, in the process of using tarpaulin, the tarpaulin is sometimes spliced as needed, and in the process of processing, Linyi tarpaulin manufacturer recommends that, there are a few things that need attention :(1) Take cloth and open cloth: Check whether there is any seam opening, film removal, damage, hole breaking, thin weft, wire jumping, etc. If there is any, cut it off and splice it again. (2) Blanking: if there is no problem after the cloth inspection, the measuring ruler should be straight to the cloth, the size should be accurate according to the requirements, and each piece should be clearly marked with specifications, before each blanking, the original leader should be found and connected, and the blanking should be carried out according to the requirements on the order. Only one leader can be left for each color and specification. Once there is no order, the workshop should be sorted out quickly, the remaining heads are classified, spliced, and neatly classified. (3) Technical quality requirements for splicing middle seams: cloth delivery, cloth pulling, gun head pulling and gun head pulling should be prepared in place, dripping water is needed, the temperature should be adjusted moderately, and too high should be lowered, if it is too low, it should be raised. If the hole is burned, it should be cut open and straightened, respliced, and if it is not stuck, it should be spliced again until it is qualified. (4) The technical requirements for running side ropes are the same as those of article 3rd above. The side seams should be firm, strong, free from holes, free from ropes, etc. For the ring, it should be noted that the order has no special requirements, plastic tarpaulin 1. 5 M 1, PVC1 M 1, the ring should be pressed with strength, it is required to be strong and firm, and can not easily fall off. (5) Stacking: after the ring is finished, the stacking is formed with a standard length of × below 10 m and 50 × between 10 m and 20 m, between and, 60 ×, not long and short, the color facing outward should be the same, not facing inward and outward for a while, and plastic bags should be packed according to the actual size, can not be packed in small tarpaulin, labeled, write the model and specifications.
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