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Master Kong's environmentally friendly mineral water launches environmentally friendly lightweight bottles

by:LINYANG     2020-01-28


Master Kong mineral water, which is deeply loved by the public, launches innovation'Environmentally friendly light bottle' Don't underestimate this environmentally friendly light bottle, it can effectively save electricity, save water and reduce carbon. Lightweight bottle body, reduce plastic use and reduce carbon.

On the basis of ensuring the quality of the bottle, Master Kong's Environmental Protection lightweight bottle reduces the use of plastic particles and reduces the carbon emissions caused by the use of plastic; More importantly, the bottle has become lighter, and the amount of electricity required to produce the bottle has also been reduced. According to data, every 1 degree (KWh)Electricity, the corresponding savings of 0. If the 4 kg standard coal is estimated according to the total production volume of the whole year, the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced by at least 100,000 tons.

A new generation of production line can reduce energy consumption and save electricity

Master Kong mineral water adopts a new generation of advanced production line to integrate the tedious production steps of the previous production line, the production speed is accelerated, the electricity consumption is saved, and the energy consumption is effectively reduced.

advanced production technology saves more water

with the reduction of electricity consumption, the production water consumption is also greatly reduced. In addition, Master Kong's Mineral Water adopts the latest punch-free bottle technology, which avoids unnecessary waste of water resources in the production process of secondary Punch bottles and truly saves water.

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