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Maoming Petrochemical predicted the market trend early, and the monthly sales of new products reached a new high

by:LINYANG     2020-01-12


Maoming Petrochemical sales center has overcome difficulties, kept a close eye on the market, predicted the market trend in advance, and adopted'One product and more policies' In November, Maoming Petrochemical sold 1146 of its new chemical products. 5 tons, creating a new high this year.

The fourth quarter of each year is the peak season for the use of agricultural film in the north. Maoming Petrochemical sales center timely grasps the good opportunity for the rigid demand for agricultural film raw materials, aiming at the new product MLPE- 0209 The advantages of diversified uses, adjust the sales strategy in time, actively visit markets in Sichuan, Yunnan and other places, and promote the product to regional markets such as greenhouse film, mulch film and ripening film, after the customer's trial, the performance of the film is very good. An enterprise in Sichuan immediately placed an order of 180 tons. Agricultural film manufacturers in Yunnan, Maoming and other places have also placed orders.

By the end of November, the MLPE- A total of 0209 tons of 600 film materials were sold, and now the film materials are out of stock. However, from the overall transaction atmosphere of the plastic market, it is still weak.

at present, the customer is trying out the new polypropylene product PPR-MT40-S, new linear polyethylene product DNDA- 7150 achieved breakthrough small batch sales.

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