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Main use stretch packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Stretch packing main use full width. This wide enough to cover the pallet packaging requirements membrane, the shape of the tray rules, so has its limitations, to use suitable for thin film thickness of 17 microns ~ 35 microns; Sealed packaging. This kind of packing is similar to shrinkable film packaging, film around the pallet wrap all of the tray, and then two claws at both ends of the membrane hot seal. This is the first wrap film use form, and thus develop more packaging forms. Horizontal packaging machinery. Unlike other packaging, by the membrane around the items, suitable for long goods packaging, such as carpet, plank, fiberboard, heterosexual wood, etc. ; Paper tube packaging. Manual packing. This kind of packing is one of the most simple wrap film packaging, membrane is placed in a rack or by hand, from the tray or rotation membrane around the tray. Mainly used in the package tray after damage, and ordinary pallet packaging. This kind of packing speed is very slow, suitable for film thickness of 15 microns ~ 20 microns; Pallet packaging machinery. This is one of the most common and most widely machinery packaging form, rotate or membrane around the tray by tray, thin film is fixed on the bracket can be moved up and down. This kind of packing capacity is very big, about 15 ~ 18 per hour. Suitable for the film thickness of about 15 mu m ~ 25 microns; Small items of packing. This is the latest packaging wrap film form, reduce material consumption, can also reduce the storage space of the pallet in foreign countries, this kind of packing was originally introduced in 1984, just a year later, appear on the market a lot of such packaging, the packaging forms has great potential. Suitable for film thickness 15 ~ 30 microns; The packing of the pipe and cable. It is wrapped in a special, an example of application in the field of packaging equipment installation at the end of the production line, fully automatic stretch film can replace belt tied up material, and can be protective. The thickness of the applicable for 15 to 30 microns.
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