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Maiduo high transparent pet protective film is favored

by:LINYANG     2020-01-08


MCDODO (Maiduo) It is a brand of mobile phone accessories under Guangzhou Lianqin Trading Co. , Ltd. It has been mainly engaged in the production and research and development of mobile phone protection products for many years. Its products are exported to Japan and Southeast Asia, at the same time, it is also a supplier of special accessories for major well-known tablet PC brands in China, with many years of experience in research and development and production of digital accessories. The high-transparent pet protective film of maiduo brand has occupied major online e-commerce platforms and major offline mobile phone accessories chain stores in just half a year.

mydodo iPhone 5/5S/5c Radian tempered glass film packaging is also a highlight, different from ordinary film simple packaging, maiduo is also relatively high-grade in the packaging design of tempered film. The black environmentally friendly paper packaging looks very atmospheric, and it is also very face-saving for gifts.

The product brand Logo, brand model, product features (0. 3mm thickness, 2. 5D Chamfering arc process, 9H hardness, etc) In addition, there is an anti-counterfeiting inquiry mark so that consumers can identify the authenticity after purchasing the product.

in order to allow consumers to purchase the film smoothly after the product is purchased, McDonnell comes with a lot of installation aids: electrostatic dust removal stickers, screen wipes, screen wipes, bubble scratch cards, film installation instructions, with these, we can also film at home. In addition, Maduo also comes with an iPhone 5/5S back film and two Home key stickers.

when the tempered glass film was just on the rise, the leading brand of mobile phone accessories, maiduo, also launched a series of tempered glass film products. It has 9H hardness, anti-scratch, anti-fall, anti-explosion, anti-oil treatment, fingerprint is not easy to stay on the screen surface, 2. 5D curved surface Radian process, ultra-thin, translucent and round without hurting hands. It can provide the iPhone with an additional glass protective layer to keep the screen away from scratches and cracks.

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