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Loro Piana pushes the latest Green Storm System Processing Technology

by:LINYANG     2020-02-20


recently, Loro Piana will show its latest Green Storm System processing technology at the Milan textile exhibition in Italy.

The new treatment technology includes hydrophilic osmotic membrane, which is used on the back of fabric. Its components include 50% renewable plant resources and special polyurethane made of castor oil.

such an ultra-light breathable film provides extra stretch and softness for fabrics treated by the Storm System.

Green Storm System also includes Rain System processing technology.

Rain System was launched in February 2016 to prevent dust, dirt and liquid stains by forming an invisible barrier around the fibers, thereby improving the waterproof effect of the Storm System.

Rain System processing technology is also environment-friendly, 60% of the components are made of renewable energy.

In addition to the Green Storm System, Loro Piana will also launch a new advertisement for its iconic fabric Tasmanian.

In 1960s, Loro Piana introduced Tasmanian, a high-end wool fabric with a weight of only 250 g/m and an average fiber diameter of only 16 microns.

Tasmanian's air permeability, heat insulation, durability and comfort make it one of Loro Piana's main textiles.

The company has also introduced a new fabric version, Natural Stretch: Loro Piana, which enhances the intrinsic properties of wool fibers ( This wool fiber can be restored to its original shape after movement and distortion) And developed a special production process to improve elasticity and toughness.

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