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Longgang fanhong: the environmental star of PVC bag plastic film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-08

PVC plastic network news with the rapid development of the national economy, the application field of PVC bags is also expanding. It is reported that as an important branch of packaging building materials, PVC bags are widely used in food, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields, which play a key role in stimulating the industrial economy.

It is reported that the Chinese food packaging industry announced in 2010'Top ten worry products' It involves two kinds of PVC bags for food plastic bags and dairy products packaging bags. According to relevant experts, the safety of PVC bags is currently the most worrying issue. First, the residue index exceeded the standard, and second, the lead exceeded the standard. PVC bags made of second-hand recycled materials 99% residue exceeding the standard. Heavy metals exceeding the standard are caused by additives and fillers.

when consumers buy plastic packaging items, they see'For food'Words and'QS”Logo, it is more assured. However, according to the survey of the International Packaging Association, some enterprises still produce and sell unlicensed PVC bags, and even use illegal raw and auxiliary materials such as waste plastics for production. Products that have forged or fraudulently used the QS production license of others are repeatedly prohibited.

with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and health and safety, there is no doubt that it has potentially urged the PVC industry to move forward on the road of environmental protection. Relevant experts pointed out that the market space of PVC bag industry has been fully opened and its market demand is constantly being released. In this market atmosphere, there are opportunities and bad luck. How to stand out from the big waves and shine brightly has become the core experimental topic of all PVC bag manufacturers. Cangnan County Longgang fanhong Plastic Film Co. , Ltd. is one of the successful experimenters.

Since the creation of Longgang fanhong plastic film, its'Satisfy customers' The purpose, reputation and quality of life have won unanimous praise from customers. The company has continuously improved its management system, continuously strengthened its product research and development and innovation, and continuously improved its PVC bag product process. It has finally become the most professional environmentally friendly PVC bag manufacturer in China and has won the industry'Environmental Star'The title.

The degradation and environmental protection issues involved in PVC bags are still long-term goals, and public health and safety issues are even more urgent at present. We appeal that in a society where there is not enough capacity to supervise and the market is too large, PVC bags should be healthy and environmentally friendly, and rely more on the improvement of the quality and level of the enterprise itself, rather than external mandatory supervision.

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