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Listen to the experts say that doing so can you choose to good analysis

by:LINYANG     2020-04-04
Believe that many people have used tarpaulins, it also brings us a very good help, but you know what to buy tarpaulin? What kind of tent is good? Come see tarpaulin experts is how to do it. First look at the tent features: one is the leisure, not the underlying, material also not too many requirements, easy to carry, it is mainly used for beach leisure places such as shading, temporary rest; Two is general field with tarpaulins, have the underlying, but on the material requirements are relatively high, is made up of rod fiberglass, this tent quality comparatively light and easy to carry. Three mountain is especially used tarpaulins, this kind of analysis is mainly made of aluminum alloy to, tarpaulins outer can prevent tearing, etc. But we usually choose is the second tent. In general, two people's tent is one of the most common tarpaulins, this is because the tent is very convenient to carry, even three or single person can live. Recommend looking for tent color had better choose warm color attune such as yellow, orange, or red, when you are unable to move out of the colour and lustre is easy to distinguish. Tarpaulins also needs to have enough cooking space between inside and outside the bill, a single space is general tarpaulins in 17 to 20 square feet. Double rod is usually quite strong, but not easy to quickly build camp in the strong wind. And one more thing need to remind everybody, tarpaulins mustn't use the washing machine for cleaning. And camp column must be separated from tent cloth, cloth to avoid to pop account. Wet tent must be opened at the time of storage tarpaulin, dry collection again, even if there is no wet in the process of climbing, but breathing climbers will make moisture gathered in the tent, so it's best to spread out the erection, dried for a period of time to collect. Another tent at the time of collection, recommend or regular fold, because use the larger the number of tarpaulins, fold too neatly, so it will lead to crease hardening and collapses appear rupture, etc. Tent, tent factory, tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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