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Liqun tarpaulin production dynamic thermal membrane type 1988 _ industry at the same time

by:LINYANG     2020-04-04
For diversified production, let more good products to provide to the user, we liqun production will start at the same time thermal membrane type 1988, ( The type 1988 hot film) ; Our company USES the international most advanced production thermal membrane production technology, specializing in the production of insulating film ( Hot-pressing membrane type 1988) 。 Product thickness from 20 um, um, 30, 40 um, um, 50 um and other kinds of different models, at the same time can be customized according to user requirements. Hot-pressing membrane type 198 product characteristics: 1, smoothness and cleanliness to the user's high praise, hot-pressing membrane type 1988. 2, it has excellent thermal bonding performance, thermal crystallization speed, right and metal surface paste with high intensity, short curing time, greatly improving the bonding machine production line production efficiency. 3, efficient hot melt material Polyestet saturated polyester resin formula, can withstand heat conductor welding operation of joint, without coating stripping or falls off phenomenon. 4, with more than one million times higher bending strength hot melt the base material, widely used in the change frequency and high speed wire. 5, high pressure, high insulation, high temperature resistant and flame retardant effect, high electric insulation performance, widely used in various models, various specifications of the FFC flexible flat. Liqun tarpaulin factory contact number: 13754728822 manager zhao hot-pressing membrane type 1988
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