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Linyi liqun tarpaulin factory help the university entrance exam, tent for parents _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-04-01
The annual college entrance examination came, and along the sorching summer, the examinee of huge parents waiting in the hot sun. To exempt from the examinee the last point, 100% fully to the test. Linyi liqun tarpaulin factory, set up for parents free tent tents, sun rain, make a contribution for China's college entrance examination. Our factory workers set up in front of linyi in shandong province first middle school obligations tent shade against the rain. We encountered in building a 90 - year - old grandson the university entrance exam, nearly 90 - year - old Chen Bangfan electric car, the old man riding a tricycle to watching just before the exam. 'My grandchildren, grandson are here today, the university entrance exam, I had sent to them, but the family don't agree with, so, I secretly run. Chen Bangfan 'the old man told reporters that he was in high school, during the war of liberation period, although did not take part in the college entrance examination, but the in the mind have been thinking of small generation, hoping they would circle the university entrance exam. Of course chat to us of the old man very happy. Out of school students waiting parents worried about the heart of the parents of the university entrance exam, after all, I also am coming from that period, as a tent factory, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/we have a responsibility to also have an obligation to make its own contributions for the majority of candidates, hand in hand to build a harmonious new river bank Mongolia.
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