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Light stabilizer tetraphenyl glycol diphosphite

by:LINYANG     2020-02-06


The compounded use of two organophosphorus light stabilizers of tetraphenyl glycol diphosphite and dimitylalkyl phosphite and keto oil can effectively improve the Hou resistance of agricultural pvc Films. sex, this kind of agricultural film is especially suitable for covering greenhouses or plastic sheds.

The applicable silicone oil is; Methyl phenyl polysiloxane, dimethyl polysiloxane, diphenyl polysiloxane, methyl halogen polysiloxane, etc. , the dosage of which is 0. 03 ~ 0. 15%. Silicone oil can prevent the exudation of plasticizer in the film. If the addition amount is less than 0. 0l %, will lose the role of anti-plasticizer exudation; On the contrary, if the addition star of silicone oil exceeds 0. 2%, the transparency of the film is reduced, it is not easy to use high-frequency machine heat sealing or stitching, and water droplets are easy to form on the film.

Light stabilizer tetraphenyl glycol diphosphite

no drops and silicone oil, if used together, have good anti-atomization effect in the plastic shed in the morning and evening, the film has good drop-free property.

The formula range of new agricultural pvc film using composite phosphite light stabilizer is: 100 parts of PVC, plasticizer 30 ~ 70 parts, no drops 1. 0 ~ 3. 0 parts, silicone oil 0. 03-0. 15 parts, tetraphenyl glycol diphosphite 0. 1 ~ 1. 0 parts, diphenylalkyl phosphite 0. 2 ~ 2. 0% and other commonly used PVC film additives.

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