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LCD screen protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
LCD screen and into PC screen due to the different technique and technology and dedicated AV screen, ordinary PC screen cost cheaper than with special AV screen size one thousand yuan of above, the performance also many, only commonly used in a PC or laptop LCD screens. But now more and more is LED LCD TV, but LED LCD TV price is also high, and life at ordinary times due to the low TV put the position, for the protection of the screen is the most important, here is a good way to protect the screen, that is the film that is cheap and simple. Step 1: choose the clean room for lamination operation - This is a very important step; Cleaning besmirch, screen cleaning density to light, clean, spray clean night time not to get too close to the screen to avoid clean night be spread out, left, up and down the corners of the screen and around the borders must clean up, here are the easiest to keep dirt stains. Then again clean, the left of the screen with sticky piece of dust sticky clean, simple says, is to clean the screen, the hand also need to clean; The second step: first than the screen and the film, the size of the reserve will normally 2 - smaller than the LCD screen 3 mm, A label for the protective layer of thin film is very use layer, to straighten A face pack screen, tag label to stick in the corner of A tear, from left to right, side, side tore A thin film, bubble or by credit card slowly, leveling bubble squeeze out, pay attention to fingers don't caught hold on the horns of the membrane, avoid fold bad Angle; Step 3: please take the flannelette is equipped with A sticker on the flat diaphragm and the contact area of liquid crystal screen, finally has made diaphragm on the adsorption on the screen, tear up A thin film, edge horn bubble processing, blowing gently with the flannelette along the corners of the screen borders, determine the protective film with no bubble. Step 4: will sign documents B surface film tear again, gently to avoid the use of layer off together, if you have any deviation, lamination process OK8 protective film can also slowly reopening, second joint attention should be paid to have air bubbles, small bubbles generally within a week will automatically eliminated.
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