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LCD protective film satisfies the requirement of high pervious to light the fingerprint

by:LINYANG     2020-03-11
LCD protective film quality is directly related to the visual effect of screen display, more important is have a certain impact on people's eyes, so in the choice of LCD protective film, to fully consider the LCD protective film should be to achieve what kind of effect, meet what kind of conditions such as high pervious to light, prevent the condition such as fingerprints, scratch-resistant flowers. First, the requirement of glare reflective, high-quality LCD protective film, special optical nanoscale antireflection coating greatly reduce LCD light reflection to the environment, reduce the reflection to the injury of the eye; At the same time effective scattered light anti-glare coating reflected glare on the screen surface, make reading more clear, reduce eye fatigue. Second, high pervious to light, the high precision optical coating process to provide good pervious to light performance, anti-glare coating on surface of the use of fog prevent glare at the same time, maintain high light transmittance. Third, the requirement of fingerprints, the high quality LCD protective film with unique humanistic fingerprint proof coating, LCD touch screen is not easy to make residue and 迃 fingerprint, solve the trouble when you use. Fourth, write freely: specifically for handwritten pen type touch screen design of rough hard coating, make the writing more freely, the calligraphy is more comfortable and fluent. Fourth, must not leave a residue: high-quality LCD protective film is the characteristic of the optical can remove the silica gel, good pervious to light, leaving no residue, the screen is still clean. Discharge air bubbles easily, can be easily removed.
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