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LCD protective film can be used as the material of what?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
The use of LCD protective film material with the constant development and development of plastic industry, has undergone several changes, the material continuously improve, let's look at, what material of the protective film LCD protective film was used. 1, PP coating, chemical called polypropylene, namely ordinary plastic bags used material, the material of the protective film without any adsorption capacity and adsorption must use glue. 2, PVC protective film, PVC material is divided into early late PVC material and PVC material. The earliest screen material, is made of PVC to very soft and easy to paste, but the disadvantage is that the material itself is very thick, light transmittance is very poor, even have a case of amplification, keep the cell phone screen distortion. Late PVC protective film to improve a lot, but some performance and prophase, screen itself does not have scrape resistance function, so once the screen is damaged, the effect of mobile phone screen is greatly reduced. Because the material of PVC itself is toxic, not natural decomposition, contain heavy metal content, Europe has banned all previous use. However, because the PVC material application scope is too broad, and low production cost, Japan has already begun to research and development of non-toxic PVC. 3, PET protective film. PET protective film material is characterized by static adsorption, good pervious to light, will not leave a residue after torn off. But because is electrostatic adsorption, adsorption capacity is not so strong, easy to fall off, in addition to the protective film easily scratched PET material, poor wear resistance. 4, ARM protective film: ARM is made of synthetic material, generally is silica gel, and PET, made plus other material synthesis. Silica gel for adsorption, PET for the middle layer, outer layer for special treatment. Generally fall into two kinds of special processing layer - — Two kinds of AG treatment and HC. AG is resistant to computer processing, that is, for the grinding sand mold protective film on market approach. HC treatment for hardness, namely for the type high transparent protective film made on market approach. Its characteristics have good pervious to light, good abrasion resistance, adsorption capacity is appropriate, will not easily fall off, will not leave a residue after tearing, etc. LCD protective film on the use of material is in constant improvement and optimization, at present, the two kinds of PP protective film and PVC protective film has been basically eliminated, PET protective film because performance is good, price is, so is the most widely used, AR coating because of its excellent performance, favored by many brand LCD screen manufacturers, but the price is not dominant. So the PET protective film is the most acceptable by the market of LCD protective film products.
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