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Laser cutting protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-23
Laser cutting protective film laser cutting protective film can be used for fiber laser and carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. The protective film has been recognized by leading laser manufacturers in the industry. For example, Dazu laser is a 10-wire thick medium-adhesive adhesive protective film with light gray and directional arrows that can be easily identified. It contains solvent-based rubber adhesive, polyolefin adhesive material and ultraviolet inhibitor, and can resist ultraviolet rays for up to 3 months outdoors. Advantages of laser cutting protective film: 1. In the laser cutting process, the protective film fits the surface of the cut product tightly and does not become warped to prevent the formation of bubbles. 2. During the cutting process, the shrinkage is extremely small and the edges are clean. 3. Easy to use, no blockage or tearing.

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