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Laptop protective film of choose and buy when should start from which functions

by:LINYANG     2020-03-05
Consumers for laptop protective film of choose and buy when the choose and buy, will first start from the its function, according to the computer using habit to make a choice. In addition to basic script dust-proof and scraping, laptop protective film of other important functions are divided into three categories. A: reflection prevent type: applicable to all LCD display digital products, because of scratch-resistant flowers superior performance, are very popular with PDA users, price is relatively cheap. Reflection type prevent effect. Type 2: transparent luster, Adopt a PET material) : PET material surface layer of protective film after special treatment, high light transmittance, after use to keep the image effect is distinct, the color is clear, used in LCD monitor or LCD TV for indoor ornamental effect is the most ideal. But did not take care of this kind of protection design, outdoor users material against high luminosity, at the same time easier to stay on the surface have fingerprints and oil trace. Three: outdoor low reflective: only one both 98% high light transmittance and the function of both the counter-attack light LCD protection paste, especially suitable for outdoor light environment design, image is clear and bright, also can reduce 90% of the ultraviolet ray, reduce damage eyes shine. Consumers in choosing a protective film, want to consider your site to use the computer, factors such as time, choose the most suitable laptop protection film, which reduces computer harm to the eyes, and keep good habits.
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