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Laminated plate surface protective film plywood protective film refractory plate protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-24

laminated plate surface protective film

laminated plate is used in countertops, building boards, cabinets, floor and laminated surface furniture are very common, but single scratches, gaps or stains can destroy the appearance and value of articles.

The laminate may be damaged under the following circumstances:

laminated processing, cutting, in-plant transfer, spraying, turning tasks, assembly, transportation, processing, storage, installation, etc. The laminate protective film ensures that your finished surface remains flawless and maintains maximum value. Protective films are available in a variety of thicknesses to prevent various damages. The adhesive film of ichuan film 4006666322 can be easily and safely applied, and can be easily removed, and the surface is not residual.

How to choose the protective film on the surface of laminated plate different surfaces and application conditions require different types of protective films. Whether you are dealing with high-pressure laminates (HPL)Or low pressure bonding plate (LPL) Furniture, we have a suitable surface protective film to meet your needs.

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