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Kuafu exactly is how dead of _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
Said to kuafu how to die, now there are two views of the mainstream, one is to die of thirst, another is to kill the dragon. Actually both wrong, actually kuafu is can't afford to buy a tent hot dead! ! ! Why do you say that? Might as well we will be the story from the beginning le le. Words, the yellow emperor period artist now, there is great power, while the or move mountain and fill seas. -and, or a finger off days. They are great, good, love, protect the Terran thrive. Dogs and, of course, our hero xiao days okay, well, this is a very serious topic, the real story is this: this year, the drought in the world, mount emei nearby residents to crop failures, starvation and the land. Some can't hold on to his surviving, fast, simple goodness of the villagers know the saddle on the debt principal, saying tribes have big charge kua fu, hope he can drive the sun away, but kuafu very is doubt, is reluctant to go. Kuafu moment touched by the sounds of nature, as a result, kuafu alone out of the camp, kylin arm pointing to the sun of masculinity, shout at top of voice: my day! ! ! As if this noise brought ancient call of binge drinking, voice through the nine, across the sea of clouds, break through the Milky Way, to the ear. At this time of the sun god is xihe, and close the bullying voice of xihe and disgruntled JiaoSheng way: what MAO! Kuafu began to liu xiang started action, only to hear 'bju international', at the rate of bolt to the sun. In this way, kuafu chasing after my pride indulgence, hot will wipe the sweat, with a stick in the hot summer sun, hot ah, if I could have a cool to cool off. So kua fu hot dead so sunshade tent for the importance of people, no matter how great how big how fearless people are able to withstand the scorching sun, shade tarpaulins, gives you a cool cool and rest, no shade tarpaulins, o have no cat dog cute pet, did not have the family's laughter. Above all, kua fu not die of thirst, also not be to kill the dragon, but hot dead, is hot dead, if he bring a sunshade tent, even in the sunshade, also won't be the ending, might have catch up with the sun, and the sun have a happy life too. http://www。 linyangpvc。 com/
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