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Korean popular plastic bubble film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-09

Global Plastics News:

It is reported that winter is coming, South Korea'Pops membrane'(Transliteration) Online shopping is very popular, and operators are preparing to raise their courier fees.

plastic bubble film is a kind of thing used for packaging goods. It is light and safe, and has been nicknamed by some express delivery companies--'Pops membrane'. With the arrival of winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower. I heard that the bubble film can isolate the air-conditioning. Everyone likes to use the bubble film to stick the window, so the order quantity of the bubble film has also risen sharply. Recently, the bubble film was requested to raise the courier fee.

On the 27th, according to relevant management companies, the cold is approaching, and some express companies request an additional 500 to 1000 won for each bubble film package.

The volume-to-weight ratio of bubble film is very large, which is one of the express delivery that the express delivery industry wants to avoid. However, because its weight is not very heavy, the courier company did not automatically classify it into overweight categories, which brought a lot of trouble to the Courier. In the process of transportation, due to its large volume, it needs to occupy a lot of space.

Therefore, many small companies in the online transportation industry have begun to face a bitter face, and the cost of light transportation may be at a loss. Maybe they will have to cancel some of the orders that have been taken.

Although these small enterprises immediately informed other express delivery companies, they still fell into an unsatisfactory situation and could only lose money to sell or cancel orders.

The news that the shipping fee of bubble film has increased has caused controversy, and netizens have commented:'Sticking the window with bubble film can really keep warm! ',' The courier company suddenly rose the freight of the bubble film, I firmly oppose it! ',' Rising bubble film freight is illegal',' The problem of bubble film is really embarrassing for small businesses'Wait.

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