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Korea's LCD panel giants China mainland expansion wave

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
According to analysts, said panel market for nearly 2 years is rare good years, with mature market small change big, old change new, as well as the conventional cathode-ray tubes (emerging markets CRT) TV to LCD TV replacement tide, so the formal expansion is a good time. Taiwan and South Korea's panel factory, of course, impossible to miss, so expansion has once again set off a wave. In addition to hon hai, 2317). Investment of 800 ~ 90 billion yuan to build LTPS ( 低温聚- Silicon, low temperature polycrystalline silicon) Production line, is now coming from group a ( 3481). On 8. 6 or 8. Line 7 generation investment planning, South Korea's samsung and lg display, is also aimed at 9. 7 or 10. Five generations production line were studied. Panel expansion has two tigers planning aggressive expansion wave, the Taiwan panel two tigers do not absent, demand for the new production line planning is itself, to take advantage of the size difference is not big, Korean TV technology and leading Chinese technology such as premise, while tensions between supply and demand expansion that those markets. Au said in the previous general manager peng also said let go this year to expand into new capacity, after eight. Five generation plant is expected to be overweight 2 again. 5 ~ 30000 new capacity, plus China kunshan 6 generations of LTPS factory is expected to begin in the second half of 2016, the year's capital spending this year of about 40 billion yuan. As a legal person, points out that because of China's eight. Five generations much, bamboo group and the road is 8. If five generations factory, to 8. Five generations of group of the meaning is not big, 8 if planning. 6 or 8. Seven generations can focus on the large size TV panels and complements existing capacity for consideration; If the quantity of 30000 pieces eight investment 1 bar. 6 or 8. Line 7 generations, investment amount is about 400 ~ 50 billion yuan. WitsView, a senior research associate Qiu Yubin said that bamboo factory overall construction of road has been completed, the construction cost and less time, but is not heard group to invest in new capacity, mainly of good is not easy to reduce the proportion of debt, 400 ~ 50 billion yuan to reinvest a new factory for group a is a lot of pressure, and lk bamboo factory if plus 6 generation of LTPS line, hon hai road bamboo factory factory land may have the problem of insufficient. Qiu Yubin says the group is good at developing new size, if it is a group of gen to 8. 6 or 8. Line 7 generations to cut 58 inches TV panels, in addition to the existing 5. Five generations undertake collocation, the price also with the 60 and 65 inch has the relative competitive position, otherwise it is easy to grip; The group of bamboo 8 gen to the road. Five generations plant expansion of the quantity of 1 ~ 1. 50000 pieces of plan, also will be delayed to the second quarter of next year. Meet the needs of the production capacity expansion, of the board of directors has capital spending this year to 35 billion yuan, the group and chairman of segment line built previously pointed out that the 35 billion RMB for group and capacity expansion needs, do not contain six generations of LTPS investment of production line. Mainland next two of the South Korea, according to news reports, high power generation increases production line at present due to the mainland, South Korea's samsung and lg display, is also aimed at 9. 7 or 10. Five generations production line were studied. Panel a glut on the market a few years ago, 2008 years later besides China, Taiwan and South Korea conservative capital expenditure to meet panel factory. Because China has actively invested large generation panel factory, at present China 8. Five generations of LCD panel production line up to eight, is expected to fit in South Korea, in 2017 China shipments will become the world's largest supplier of panel, affects Korea started new capacity investment.
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