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Knowledge of plastic tarpaulin heat sealing process

by:LINYANG     2023-01-29
Plastic tarpaulin products can be used in many fields such as vehicle transportation, cargo thatch cover, industry, agriculture, ships, factories, mines, etc., so they have high requirements on performance and quality. In the heat-sealing process, the base fabric is two meters wide, and the finished product is made by heat-sealing and splicing. Because the heat-sealing splicing place is two-layer tarpaulin for heat-sealing and splicing, after high-temperature heat-sealing, it will appear slightly different. Eye-catching folds, but the heat seal is no quality problem. There must be professional operators during processing, and each group of workers has a clear division of labor to ensure that the heat sealing is correct, and it is best to have experienced personnel, which can better ensure the heat sealing quality of the tarpaulin. Today's plastic tarpaulin products improve the surface characteristics of traditional coating materials, have excellent anti-pollution ability, and can be kept clean for a long time.
Collectively, the effect of PVC Tarpaulin on industrial society has been to eliminate clear pvc film and drastically reduce the time long associated with pvc plastic film.
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