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Know More About Backyard Greenhouse Materials

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

If gardening is your hobby and you are planning to use the widely available portable backyard greenhouses for growing flowers or vegetables, you should have a clear idea about common greenhouse materials to be used in their making. Although some of the greenhouse tools are inexpensive but they can certainly make a large difference in your gardening experience.

Backyard greenhouses serve as a perfect solution for people with inadequate garden space or those who live in cold temperate zone. A greenhouse usually creates a controlled environment where the cultivated plants stay healthy, get an extended growing season and give maximum productivity in the form of vegetables, fruits, or flowers.

It does not require sound construction idea to build a backyard greenhouse but it is very important to use the best quality greenhouse materials that make a strong and sturdy structure for growing your plants and keeping them safe. Make sure you talk to your local nursery workers or other successful greenhouse gardeners to have their suggestions and input regarding this matter, and also refer greenhouse construction and planning guides available in the market. Some basic things to consider are the best place to make a greenhouse, and best greenhouse materials to be used in their designing.

Greenhouse materials will differ according to the structure and size of the greenhouse. Some of the basic materials used in constructing backyard greenhouses are galvanized steel pipes, PVC and lumber. And the materials used for covering are fiberglass, glass and different type of plastics. The greenhouse materials can either be purchased individually or in kits.

Let's have a quick look at different type of greenhouse materials. They are as follows:

Greenhouse Frames

Greenhouse frames are made from lumber or galvanized steel pipe, electrical conduit and PVC pipe. All these materials are used in a varying combination based on the size and structure of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Coverings

The structure of greenhouse constructed decides the type of greenhouse covering to be used. Tempered glass is a traditional covering type which is durable and used for building strong frame and rafter backyard greenhouses. High standard fiberglass can also be used in place of temper glass as it has high degree of durability. Hoop or rounded greenhouses need a more flexible cover like film plastic or double wall plastic.

Greenhouse Flooring

Concrete slabs are mainly used for building flooring of permanent greenhouse structures. They can be easily cleaned and give a non-slippery base. Gravel, loose stone or paving stone is recommended for other structural types. They help create loose foundations that make soil and water mixtures to ooze out avoiding a smooth walkway.

Air Ventilation And Circulation

Fans are put in use to circulate the air properly and maintain the desired level of humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide inside the greenhouse. Double speed fans with thermostatic regulatory system are enough for mini greenhouses. However, large exhaust or commercials fans are more effective for larger greenhouses.

Watering Systems

There is no need of automatic watering systems for small greenhouses as water supply can be managed by using a water sprayer or watering can. However, automatic watering systems are set up in larger greenhouses to fulfill the water needs of a large variety of plants.

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