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Kids Drove You Out of Every Room in The House?

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

The garage is often used a place to store fun stuff like: bikes, fishing rods, bats and balls. Who says the garage itself can't be fun? Assuming you're not a Victorian family with a playroom equipped with a nanny, why not turn the garage into a child-safe hangout? Here are a few helpful tips:

1) Space Designation

Obviously your garage is intended for practical purposes, but you can probably spare at least a bit of space that you can designate to your kids. Depending on how old and trustworthy your children are, you will need to make sure tools, paints, solvents and all that other adult stuff is out of reach and organized on high shelves or hooks. Cordon off, or make an obvious space for your kids to play in because you don't want to be buffing out scratches or dents on your car. Once you have your space, you can make it kid friendly.

2) Flooring

The cold, hard concrete floor of your garage is not particularly welcoming whether you're a kid or an adult. A cheap and easy option is to buy foam floor tiles that can be picked up at any big-box or major toy store. If your kids are a little older and depending on your budget, an extra piece of carpet or carpet tiles will do. Rugs or play rugs, the ones with cities and train tracks printed on them, can also be a playful and colorful addition to your children's new hangout.

3) Colours

It might be a safe bet to assume that your garage walls are probably white, or maybe even a grey if you're particularly fancy. Add some colour and transform the room form a cold, work/storage space to a warm and inviting place for you to store your kids. Involve your kids in the process too. Let them pick out a colour for their corner of the garage or let them pick out the posters they want to hang.

4) Storage

The garage is traditionally a storage facility, so why not store the kid's toys in there too? Invest in some sturdy, transparent PVC boxes so you can see what's in the box and stack away toys and games when they're not being played with. Box benches are also a great way to combine seating with storage and can always be found with your kid's favorite TV or film characters on them. Don't be afraid to get creative with storage too. Hang baskets, shelving, boxes, bins, jars, and buckets, you name it and toys can fit in there.

5) Lighting

Add some lighting to your children's new play area. Lights can be a great way to distinguish certain areas of a room. A well-lit play area will be clearly separate from the harsh neon strip lighting that illuminates your tools. There's no need to call out an electrician to fit new lighting, just buy plug in lamps or battery-operated lights. Also, depending on your insulation situation, you may want to invest in a heat lamp or a space heater because a garage can get a little chilly.

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