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Key points of use of tarpaulin-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-25
The main points of use of tarpaulin, we need to understand the correct use of tarpaulin and the management methods of tarpaulin. 1. Before using the tarpaulin, the quality should be checked one by one. When using the railway tarpaulin, fill in the tarpaulin number in the 'railway truck tarpaulin number' column of the cargo waybill; When using the self-provided tarpaulin, the '×' symbol should be marked in the 'railway truck tarpaulin number' column of the cargo waybill, and check whether the shipper indicates 'bring your own tarpaulin × Zhang' and the number in the 'shipper's record' column of the goods waybill. 2. Special line, special railway loading use railway tarpaulin: special line, special railway freight forwarder fill in the 'truck tarpaulin delivery order '(In duplicate) , By the shipper with the special line freight forwarder to fill in the 'truck tarpaulin delivery form '(Annex 6)Pick it up at the station. And check one by one ( The cloth body is complete, no damage, the cloth is intact, and the mark and number are complete and clear. The rope is complete, complete, without joints, firmly connected, and correctly connected to the tarpaulin), Check the number. After the verification is correct, the shipper fills in the tarpaulin number and the car number corresponding to the tarpaulin cover filled in by the awning controller. 3. The special line and the special railway arrive at the return of the tarpaulin: After the unloading, the consignee will arrange the tarpaulin according to the regulations within two days according to the 'truck tarpaulin delivery order' filled by the special line freight forwarder (Cleaning, folding) When the consignee fails to deliver the tarpaulin to the tarpaulin room at the station according to the specified date, the tarpaulin extension fee shall be collected according to the regulations, and less than one day shall be calculated on a daily basis. 4. When there is any abnormality in the inspection, the consignee must work together with the special line freight forwarder. 5. It is forbidden to cut or damage tarpaulin and ropes. If it is found that the tarpaulin is lost, damaged, short waist and side rope due to the consignee's responsibility, it shall be handled in accordance with the measures for handling damage and loss of railway tarpaulin.
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