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Key points of round knife die cutting and waste disposal process!

by:LINYANG     2019-12-24

round knife die cutting waste, also known as round knife waste.

In die-cutting production, waste discharge is a very important link, which affects the quality of die-cutting. Today we will discuss the waste discharge process of round knife together. This article briefly tells you about the five technological characteristics of direct discharge of auxiliary materials, discharge of waste with extraction sticks, discharge of waste with thimbles, discharge of waste by blowing/inhaling, and discharge of waste by blanking.

circular knife machine die-cutting base film about circular knife waste discharge process circular knife die-cutting waste discharge process is a key consideration in product design and production operation, the waste disposal process is usually considered in the mold design, and the feasibility evaluation of the waste disposal process is also an important reference for the quality of the round knife process! There are several ways commonly used in the round knife disposal process: (1) auxiliary materials direct waste discharge process (2) extraction roller waste discharge process (3) thimble knife waste discharge process (4) blowing/inhaling mold waste discharge process (5) blanking waste discharge process wholesale round knife machine die cutting bottom film, waste film, please contact 400-6666-322

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