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Judgment index of plastic tarpaulin yarn count

by:LINYANG     2023-01-28
There are many types of tarpaulins in the plastic tarpaulin wholesale market, but the production processes are the same. The important thing is the yarn count, which refers to the thickness of the yarn. The indicators commonly used to judge the yarn branches are: 1. Fineness: also known as denier , with a specified tidal rate, refers to the weight of 9000 meters of yarn or fiber in grams, which is also a fixed length unit. The larger the gram weight, the thicker the yarn or fiber, and the better the chemical fiber sieve. 2. Tex number: also known as the number number, the weight of 1000 meters long yarn is specified with the specified tidal rate, which is a fixed length control unit. . 3. Metric count: According to the specified tide rate, the meter multiple of the length of 1 gram of yarn, that is, 1 gram of yarn is exactly 1 meter in length, and 1 gram of yarn is 200 meters in length, because the metric count is also customized made, so the larger the number, the finer the yarn. 4. Imperial Count: According to the specified tidal rate, a multiple of 840 yards of 1 pound yarn length, that is, 1 pound yarn is exactly 840 yards in length, and 1 pound yarn length is 21840 yards in length, because The inch count is customized, so the larger the number, the finer the yarn.
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