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Jilin province strives to eliminate non-degradable plastic film within three years

by:LINYANG     2020-02-03

Jilin province is short of water resources. Drip irrigation under film, as an efficient drought-resistant and yield-increasing technology, has enabled stable yield and yield increase in arid and rainless areas in western Jilin province. But at the same time, refractory plastic film residues cause serious white pollution, which in turn affects the growth of crops.

' The mulch of this white flower cannot be melted in the ground 100. ' Gu Chunwen, a farmer from Fuzi village, zhanzi township, Qian'an county, pulled out a residual mulch from the ground. Since 2010, with the support of national policies, drip irrigation technology under film has been used in his dry fields. While the corn yield is greatly increased, the refractory plastic film residue not only causes seriousWhite'Pollution also affects crop growth. This year, Jilin province took the lead in promoting degradable agricultural mulch in a large area, helping Gu Chunwen and the villagers to relieve their troubles.

' My family has been using drip irrigation under film for 3 years, and the grain output has more than doubled compared with traditional cultivation. 'Gu Chunwen, 40, said,'Last year, my family 2. More than 60 thousand kilograms of corn were harvested in 5 hectares of land. '

But what troubles gu Chunwen is that more and more plastic films remain in the field. ' A white with rake How held also held don't out have to by artificial 1. 1 point to the pick up special labor. 'He said,' Now the labor cost is so high that it costs at least 100 yuan a day. '

' More and more plastic film residues are buried in the soil. Once the seeds are sown, they will be wrapped and entangled, and the roots will not be tied down or even dead. ' Sun Zhanyuan, a fellow villager of Gu Chunwen, said,' Three years and five years later, at least one less seedlings, ten seedlings have one less. '

to their relief, this year they used degradable plastic film developed by Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences. ' Before the rainy season, the upper layer of the film will naturally decompose. We like this kind of agricultural technology. ' Gu Chunwen, who had just been planted, pointed to the new cover of the ground.

' This kind of mulch has been tested and applied in the village last year. After the rotary tiller operation, the mulch can't be seen now. ' Jin Yingmin, secretary of the Party branch of Fuzi village, zhanzi township, Qian'an county, said,' This degradable film is like a window paper, and it becomes a fragment and has no effect on the crops. '

' After the plastic film is degraded into the soil, the number of major microorganisms in the soil is several times higher than that of ordinary plastic film. The plastic film is consumed by microorganisms, and the number of microorganisms increases, turning into carbon dioxide and water. ' Jilin province Academy of Agricultural Research Center researcher Liu hui tao said'This process is called'Light decomposment' By setting the addition ratio of degradation additives, after two months of laying, the Overground part of the plastic film is naturally decomposed by photosynthesis, and the underground part is decomposed by microorganisms, the residual part is mechanically decomposed during the spring ploughing in the following year. '

It is reported that the open soil part of degradable plastic film accounts for more than 80%, the degradation rate can reach 90% in that year, the buried part is less than 20%, the degradation is more than 35% every year, and the natural degradation can be completed in three years.

' The cost of ordinary plastic film is about 1000 yuan per hectare. This kind of degradable plastic film costs less than 50 yuan, and the seedling preservation rate can be increased by more than 10%. 'Gu Chunwen said.

According to reports, Jilin province has promoted 20 thousand mu of degradable plastic film this year. Through demonstration, it will continue to expand the promotion area next year and strive to eliminate non-degradable plastic film within three years.

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