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Jilin province promotes degradable plastic film in large areas

by:LINYANG     2020-02-03


This year, Jilin province will promote degradable agricultural mulch film on a large scale to ensure crops'Green'Growth.

In recent years, some farmers in Jilin province have used drip irrigation technology under film in dry fields, which has greatly increased corn yield. But refractory plastic film residues cause serious'White'Pollution also affects crop growth.

The reporter learned from Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences that the new degradable material developed by Jilin Academy this year can avoid secondary pollution of plastic to soil when drip irrigation under film is applied. Using this new material, the mulch covering the soil will decompose naturally before the rainy season comes.

Liu Huitao, a researcher at the Agricultural Research Center of Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that after the plastic film was degraded into the soil, the number of major microorganisms in the soil was several times higher than that of ordinary plastic film, and the plastic film was consumed by microorganisms, the number of microorganisms increases and becomes carbon dioxide and water. This process is called'Light decomposition'. The overground part of the plastic film is naturally decomposed by photosynthesis, the underground part is decomposed by microorganisms, and the residual part is mechanically decomposed when the next year is ploughed in spring.

It is reported that'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' During the period, Jilin province plans to be in 15 counties in the central and western parts of the province (City, District) The development of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation area of dry fields with drip irrigation under film is 10 million mu.

Jilin province has promoted 20 thousand mu of degradable plastic film this year. Through demonstration, the promotion area will continue to be expanded next year, and efforts will be made to eliminate non-degradable mulch within three years.

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