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Japan developed controllable degradation of agricultural plastic film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-24

March 19

recently, the Graduate School of Utsunomiya University in Japan cooperated with Tochigi antibacterial research institute to adjust the proportion of fine calcium compounds in fan shells, the controllable degradation of agricultural plastic film has been successfully developed.

The researchers used three kinds of degradable plastics as raw materials, added calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide micropowder developed by the antibacterial research institute, and then used pepper and Azadirachta indica micropowder as modified materials to make plastic films. The test found that the mass loss rates of films added with and without modified materials after 60 days of hydrolysis were 25% ~ 40% and 1% ~ 1. 8%. At the same time, the thin film added with calcium compound can promote the transformation of acidic soil to neutral after decomposition in soil. Due to the addition of pepper and Azadirachta, plastic film can also play a role in controlling diseases and insect pests.

controllable degradation of agricultural plastic film saves labor and environmental protection, and solves the problem that agricultural plastic film is buried in the soil 1 ~ The problem of degradation in 5 years.

The appearance of degradable materials is undoubtedly good news for our environment. We also hope that the continuous development of science and technology can help reduce the pressure on the environment. Let our environment be better.

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