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Is there any contradiction between water resistance and air permeability of tarpaulin -? News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-26
Whether the water resistance and air permeability of the tarpaulin are contradictory the tarpaulin manufacturer today analyzes whether the water resistance and air permeability of the tarpaulin are contradictory. On the one hand, we require tarpaulin to have air permeability, and on the other hand, we require tarpaulin to have water resistance. How do tarpaulin manufacturers balance this contradictory nature? Tarpaulin considers its air permeability, such as military tarpaulin cloth. The influencing factors of air permeability include bottom cloth structure, density, material, waterproof finishing agent type, resin adhesion, etc. Water resistance is a relatively important characteristic of tarpaulin. By dipping and finishing, vinyl chloride trees are filled in the gap of fabric tissues to form a coating film. If the adhesion of resin per unit area exceeds a certain degree, water resistance will not be a problem. If the coating film is thin and is bent, soft rubbing or surface wear, the coating film is easy to rupture, which may cause mud and water. The tarpaulin can be selected according to the use of the cloth. We need to choose the water-proof one, and the water-proof one is good. Linyi Huayu tarpaulin factory is a manufacturer of Linyi tarpaulin specializing in the production and processing of tarpaulin and other plastic woven products. The main machines of tarpaulin manufacturers are: wire drawing machine, weaving machine, laminating machine, etc, the silk cloth factory has a scientific and complete quality management system. Linyi cloth manufacturers adhere to the business philosophy of 'honesty first, mutual assistance and win-win', adhere to people-oriented management, survive by quality, and seek development. Products not only occupy a place in the domestic market, with highly competitive product prices and guaranteed product quality, it has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.
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