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Is the mobile phone explosion-proof membrane really useful?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-25


The explosion-proof membrane of the mobile phone can effectively buffer the impact, prevent the screen from bursting, or prevent the glass panel from being broken and scattered due to the accidental impact of the mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage of glass panels and ensure the safety of users. So, is the mobile phone explosion-proof membrane really useful?

The appearance of large-screen ultra-thin smart phones also increases the possibility that the mobile phone screen is easy to break, have you found that more and more friends around you feel distressed because of the accidental landing of the mobile phone. What's more, the frequent mobile phone explosions are also frightening.

as a result, a product called mobile phone explosion-proof membrane quickly became popular in the market. But in fact, this kind of mobile phone explosion-proof membrane can only prevent the mobile phone from being collided or accidentally falling, and it has nothing to do with explosion-proof. Also note that the mobile phone explosion-proof film mentioned here is not a tempered glass film!

although the anti-explosion film attached to the mobile phone does not guarantee that the screen will not be broken, it can really improve the protection performance of the screen glass. When the mobile phone screen is accidentally impacted, before the screen absorbs the impact force, the key moment replaces the screen breaking, which is equivalent to the substitute of the mobile phone screen, greatly reducing the probability of the screen breaking, and preventing the debris splash from causing secondary damage, compared with the ordinary PET material mobile phone protective film can play a certain role in protecting the screen, so it is still a bit reliable in this respect. Xiaobian recommends mobile phone explosion-proof membrane for everyone, in order to protect your love machine from damage, customize its protective film.

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