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Is the explosion-proof membrane useful?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-10


is explosion-proof membrane useful? Many people think that the effect of explosion-proof membrane is not great and may even hinder the line of sight. In fact, explosion-proof membrane is still useful:

1. The car explosion-proof membrane has a heat insulation function.

2. Prevent stones from hurting glass. The car film has anti-riot function, which will be much safer. In order to save trouble and time, unnecessary trouble can be reduced.

3. Prevent grinding glass. Generally, the glass is dirty, and the rain hanger is used for two times. It is estimated that many people will do the same, but the average car will hang twice before spraying the glass water. At this time, there will be grit in the small dust on the glass, causing dry friction, so it is not surprising that the glass has a way. The Glass of the old car is like this, or protect it early!

4. Anti-radiation. The second function of the film is to block ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays, and the blocking efficiency can reach 99%. This function is far greater than the heat insulation effect, because the damage of sunlight causes the skin to be easily sunburned, if you drive often, you will feel obvious and may hurt your eyes. It is very dangerous to let too much radiation enter your eyes. Snow days even cause snow blindness. Ordinary people will wear sunglasses, however, many sunglasses do not even have the function of preventing UV, which will cause pupil dilation and more rays! The car film can fundamentally solve this problem, and even sunscreen can save some. There is also the ability to prevent plastic products in the car from being exposed to the sun and shortening their life!

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