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Is the darker the car insulation explosion-proof membrane, the better?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-21


pursuing fashion is a right that every car owner should have. While pursuing fashion, he should also pay attention to protecting his car, choose the right car insulation and explosion-proof film for it.

There are four popular body colors today: white, black, red and blue. Generally speaking, light-colored cars are best to use colorful car explosion-proof membranes, which are mostly transparent and will not affect the heat insulation and explosion-proof effect. Today, a pure white car explosion-proof membrane sold on the market has strong heat insulation performance and looks imperceptible. Through the fully transparent window, the whole car will look particularly clean, but because its transparency is too high, it has caused the lack of privacy inside the car to be stolen, and some owners do not like it. There are also three colors of blue, green and gray. If they are also very light, it is not ugly to stick them on any car.

The color of the car film should be said to be as shallow as possible from the effect after pasting. Car owners who pay more attention to privacy can choose some explosion-proof membranes with darker colors, which increases the difficulty of peeping from the outside of the car to the inside of the car and effectively protects their privacy. However, attention should be paid when selecting colors. Instead of looking at the depth in the sun, put it on the window and close the doors and windows of the car.

However, many car owners mistakenly believe that the darker the color of the car explosion-proof membrane, the better the heat insulation. Therefore, the beautiful color of the car membrane is discarded, the car explosion-proof membrane with darker color was selected, thus affecting the overall beauty of the car. Is the darker the color of the car explosion-proof film insulation effect really better? In fact or. The ability of automobile explosion-proof membrane to block heat lies not in the depth of its color, but in the quality of the heat insulation layer in the explosion-proof membrane.

The heat insulation capability of automobile explosion-proof films depends on the production technology of manufacturers. Some explosion-proof films ensure 99% ultraviolet blocking rate and 97% infrared blocking rate, it also takes into account the decorative effect of the car explosion-proof membrane, and integrates the fashionable colors of different colors into the window glass, so that each car owner can choose the color that suits him and decorate his car.

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